Attract capital by leveraging sustainable development to create a better future.

We teach business owners how to create sustainable business models to attract more investment capital. As a result, they grow their companies faster by embracing the wealth of opportunities created by the global adoption of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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Success needs tools and infrastructure

We are Sveta & Ben, partners in business and in life. As a result, we developed expert tools and a powerful infrastructure to help entrepreneurs, and organizations succeed in attracting socially responsible capital.

What drives us is our passion for finance, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, we believe that creating a better, more sustainable future is more profitable.

Accordingly, we founded the Swiss Impact Investing platform to inform and teach business people and organizations about the numerous growth opportunities inherent to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Consequently, we empower entrepreneurs with the network they require to profit from sustainable development. Moreover, our sustainable development platform for innovative entrepreneurs has established a solid track record. This was achieved through specialized training, coaching programs, and expert advisory.

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United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals 1-4

Why are Impact Investing and Sustainable Development such a big deal?

The strength of Impact investments and Sustainable Development cannot be understated. Impact investments generate a positive, measurable social and environmental impact. Furthermore, when well-managed, they often generate superior financial returns on investments.

Moreover, their powerful “deep impact” qualities transform industries. Currently valued at over USD800 Billion globally, the fast-growing sustainable development sector is estimated to grow to USD40 Trillion in the coming decade.

This trend is driven by strong demand for socially responsible investments, supported by greater political will and the positive profile such investments carry. Consequently, this trend is global.

National legislation, backed by global initiatives and greater consciousness are driving the rapid growth of the impact investment sector. The sectors currently benefitting the most are sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, conservation, microfinance, housing, healthcare, and education, to name just a few.

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Swiss Impact with Banerjis
Every Friday 11AM EST – 5PM CET

Watch our weekly TV show featuring thought and businesses leaders showcasing how Impact Investing help implement the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals to preserve the world for the future generation.

Join us to get inspired by enlightening and in-depth conversations with newsmakers, celebrities, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, politicians, and business leaders who tirelessly work to promote sustainable development globally.

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Svetlana and Ben - Swiss Impact
Our weekly show is reaching 200 Million people in 122 countries – strong global viewer footprint.
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Featured Guest
Featured Guest
United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals 9-12
Ben Banerjee
Ben Banerjee

Ben has dedicated his professional career to creating a better world through Impact Investing and Sustainable Development

As a serial entrepreneur with a unique perspective on Impact Investing his recognized expertise was acquired through investments into sustainable development projects and companies for over two decades. Furthermore, he is the founder of several companies and NGOs all over Western Europe.

Along with Sveta, he created Swiss Impact Investing to further promote sustainable development globally. Co-founder and President of SIIA as well as a member of the Board of Counselors at East-West Institute, he is also a writer and guest teacher in a couple of universities.

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“Ben has immense financial expertise & network and has raised equity and loan amounts for 3 of our projects”
Petri Wuotila

Lappi Investments

“Ben is well networked within the impact investment community and has successfully raised funds for Pioneering Ventures”
Pablo Erat

Pioneering Ventures

Impact Investing School

7 Steps to creating

your dream Impact Investment Team & Products

Turning Impact investment and sustainable development into profitable ventures requires both people and methods. Sector-specific information, market intelligence, skill sets, expert tools and network empower your business, thus enhancing your ability to succeed.

The Impact Investing School was established to equip your organization with an actionable Impact Investing strategy and a highly structured implementation schedule.

Working with us enables you to stay ahead of the curve. Furthermore, our fully customized and holistic Impact Investing solutions address how best to structure, market and profit from Sustainable Development.

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Svetlana Baurens

“Moving private capital into impact investing will help to solve social and environmental challenges and add meaning, purpose and inspiration to the actors in the financial industry”

Sveta Banerjee – Founder Impact Investing School
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Sveta is a leading expert in the delivery of cutting-edge Sustainable Development Advisory to innovative Entrepreneurs

Founder of Impact Investing School, she is uniquely qualified to deliver tailored solutions to the growing community of Sustainable Development entrepreneurs. Her advisory and mentoring programs address objectives, guidelines, strategy setup, roadmaps, and milestones and execution.

As a recognized expert in Impact Investing and Sustainable Development, she is actively raising its awareness within the Swiss financial industry. Consequently, she tirelessly promotes the core concept of transformational capital as a force for good.

Furthermore, Sveta is TED-ex speaker and Impact Investing & Sustainability Ambassador for the Diplomatic World Institute.

Impact Investing School also shares its international network and full support for the establishment of relevant business introductions and investment partnerships.

Sveta’s experience includes Bank J. Safra Sarasin, Société Générale, as well as Family Offices and Asset Management companies in Zurich.

She is a frequent guest lecturer at Swiss universities and has in-depth experience as a Project Manager, Finance Coach and Facilitator.

Make your transformation to Sustainable Development seamless and successful!
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United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals 5-8
Sveta’s energetic style, her practical and inspiring approach to impact investing are great. This masterclass for our team was well worth the time and money!
Fabrice D'Erm

Co-Founder & CEO, The Rocket Foundation

Sveta’s masterclass is great for financial institutions which want to take a step towards sustainable finance and incorporate impact investing in their strategy. Five stars from me!
Daniel Bruhwiler

Founder & CEO, Global Strategic Capital

Camomile Impact Community


Create free or paid online summits, webinars or masterclasses and invite Camomile members to attend!
Learn how to create online courses to share your expertise and knowledge with Camomile community and beyond!

Power in numbers!

Our community brings together professionals, enterprises, startups, impact investors and experts focused on achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Camomile provides a wide range of Impact Investing tools to ensure personal and corporate growth for all its members.

What you get from the Camomile Impact Community


How Impact investing and responsible development are shaping economies around the world and the inspiring stories of impact companies at the forefront of this trend.


Find team members, partners, your next advisory board, or search for open positions and opportunities as well as publish your digital products and services.


Find investors, donors, and sponsors as well as source deals or find projects and impact businesses in which you can invest or with which you can engage.

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United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals 13-17

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